is more than a lighting brand.

It is an archetypal code of communication among lighting experts. It is a lighting concept. It is a code we share together to “script” light and achieve the perfect fusion of decorative & architectural in lighting.


The Alphabet team is motivated by your passion in light, speaks your “language” and has the know-how and background to make things work for you. After all, Alphabet comes with the signature and know-how of Zambelis Lights, one of the most dynamic, modern, Greek companies, specializing in the wholesale of professional architectural and decorative lighting.

Founded in 1967 in Greece, Zampelis Lights has over 50 years of experience in manufacturing high-quality products, with innovative designs, driven by customer insights and a dedicated R&D department. Since 2017, this experience is shared beyond borders, as the company has established its international presence, with exports to both EU and non EU countries.

“Alphabet is all about playing with endless and playful combinations of lighting systems and materials.”


We have chosen to name our lighting solutions after alphabet letters. Let’s say we see lighting projects – or lighting challenges- like crosswords. Choosing the right “letter”, you can fill every gap in the crossword and help the project make sense.


This video presents the lighting fixtures based on the alphabet letters. Watch the setup, the combinations and the colors of our lighting systems.


Write your own story

Customization, customization, customization.

Alphabet is all about playing with endless and playful combinations of lighting systems. Get inspired. Form the lighting result you wish. You now have at your disposal an architectural form which allows you to create without limitations, using bespoke lighting fixtures.

Talk “alphabet” to us

Complex lighting combinations do not require complex ordering processes.

Alphabet can make it easy for you to code what you need…kind of like scripting light (yes, it is not our motto without a reason).

So…give it a try and discover how to talk “alphabet” to us.




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Athens, Greece


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